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Catylist Commercial Listings System (CLS) is a broker-loaded searchable database that houses listings from commercial brokers and agents in your association.

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You maintain ownership, we're here to help

You're in control. Your association operates the platform and owns the data your members contribute. You determine who can participate, and set the rules and access fees. We take care of the technology and use our 18+ years of experience to grow your membership and drive your success.

You own and control your data, and choose how and where it's shared.

We're a partner, not a vendor.

We help with in-person training and provide amazing, responsive customer support to your members.

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Powerful, easy-to-use tools your members will love

We've been improving the technology for almost two decades based on member suggestions. It includes everything your commercial members need.

We go above and beyond with integrity tools to maintain the quality of the data.

More than just a listing service, thoughtful features help your members communicate and collaborate.

Works great on all devices, all browsers, all operating systems.

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A nationwide network searching for your listings

50+ Local Markets

The Catylist Network consists of local platforms connecting more than 50 markets, from metropolitan areas to multi-state regions, across North America.

Connecting CRE Professionals

This network is used by tens of thousands of CRE professionals (agents, brokers, investors, owners, tenants) each day to do business.

National Exposure

Your members' listings are shared with the entire network, and also receive automatic exposure on our free-to-search, national marketplace: Commercial Exchange.

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